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[nectar_dropcap color=””]Dunn’s Diner: Hawkesburry, ON [/nectar_dropcap]

Revit generated 3D views

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These 3D views brings a sense of how the space will function during the design phase. Clients are able to discuss their needs with our skilled designers until their envisioned space is shown has been represented using our 3D design software. Only then, will the construction commence.

This 3D view captures a look inside of Dunn’s Diner. Shown here is the deli counter and bar located in the rear of the building. Included is some of the surrounding seating areas, which help give an overall sense of the space

This is a reverse angle of the photo to the left. This view illustrates the perspective of an employee from behind the deli counter.

This 3D view shows the back wall, opposite of the service counter shown in the image to the left. the combination of these two images are intended to show the functionality of the equipment layout.

Revit generated renders

The table below is to be used in reference with the 3D renders below.

3D render looking towards the entrance to the restaurant

3D render view of the dining room and back bar area

3D render of deli counter located at the back of the restaurant. This view shows the pass-through to the existing unchanged kitchen