Ultramist Fogging System Package


Powerful Fogging Systems to Keep You Safe


Whether it’s disinfecting restaurants, hospitals, cars, salons, or working on pest-control in gardens and greenhouses, ULV Fogger can be put to good use where public hygiene is concerned.

Ultrafogger ULV Fogger is a handy, versatile and one of the most powerful ULV products on the market to dispense disinfectant evenly, quickly, and efficiently. Its small micron droplet nozzle is adjustable and provides for ultimate coverage and protection against infectious pathogens. Its strong injection and ultra-low volume spraying function ensure the penetration and diffusion to fine areas.
Its special features include:

• Switch(On/Off) function
• Control of solution amount
• Air vent valve installed at solution tank
• One-touch exchange of solution tank
• Powerful blower allows drying and air cleaning as well as administering solution on surfaces
• Adjustable 5-10 Micron droplet size
• CSA Approved 110V
• 3-liter solution reservoir
• The spray reaches 5-10 meters
• 6-meter cord
• Comes with an easy-to-carry strap
• Spare tanks available for spraying water for cleaning after use

How to use it?
The Ultrafogger ULV Fogger can be utilized for the application of resistant and nutritional supplements in the agriculture industry. Also, it enables spraying of dynamic materials including water-based and oil-based materials while functioning as a humidifier and microorganism sprayer.

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